Preparing your personal tax

Why should I choose Hilton Partners to prepare my tax return?
We are a highly motivated team of professionals all dedicated to meeting your needs. We’ve been providing services as a CPA practice for over 30 years and specialise in financial planning, accounting and taxation. Our longstanding team is focused on delivering the best possible service to our clients and technical excellence comes as standard.

Do I need to make an appointment?
We have devised a format that makes it easy for you to provide us with the required information to prepare your tax return. Most returns can be completed without the need for an appointment. We can always discuss your return by phone and via email at convenient times to suit you.

How much will it cost?
Our services make the process of preparing and lodging your tax return as hassle free as possible. Our rates are very comparable to most preparers and assessed on the time taken to prepare each return. What we don’t have are additional charges for completing steps in the process and fees for issuing your refund.
Of course, there’s much more to picking a tax preparer than finding the lowest price. The more you know about what’s available, the more confident you’ll be about weighing the trade-off between cost and level of service. For many people, using the right tax preparation service saves more money than the cost of the service.

Which expenses should I be claiming on my tax return?
Many taxpayers are unsure of what expenses they can deduct. You can rely on us to provide the expertise specific to your occupation. We ensure you claim the maximum you’re entitled to.

How do I get started?
We have developed a simple process to guarantee that every tax return is completed accurately and processed in a timely manner. For the best possible service call or email our team today.

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